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Most projects fail because of one simple fact, lack of adaptability.

I believe that adaptability is the one most crucial aspect most companies fail to implement while executing projects.

Even when you plan the best way you can it is important to remember that you cannot avoid unplanned issues.

Planning might help you prepare for a range of issues but it can never fully solve them all.

A simple change of mind-set combined with the correct research & optimization tools can equip companies to react, create and adapt better to problems.

I believe that changing the approach to problem solving by introducing adaptability tilts the scales to your favor and will help you create better results.

The courage of leadership is giving others the chance to succeed even though you bear the responsibility if they fail.

- Simon Sinek -


/Eliminate Gut Feeling

Many great things starts with a strong vision, I believe we can make data driven decisions and eliminate “gut feelings” by shifting our mind-set and approach to solving problems, become more flexible and adaptable and overcome challenges through data determination.


SEO Education is not only about the “how” but also about the “why”, teaching how to approach, connect the dots and truly create a curious mind is what I love to do. Great SEO managers starts with mastering the principles and techniques will follow.


I believe that the key to any successful product starts with proper planning and ends with adaptability, reacting and adjusting in time can be the decisive moment between success and failure, knowledge is acquired by skill, adaptability is acquired by mind-set.


Teaching the “how” is much like giving someone a key to open a specific door, we teach them the technique but then they will lack the principle. If you teach someone to master the principle, the “why”, then techniques will come naturally. Principle is superior to technique.


Ori is exceptionally professional and has helped me so much In the beginning of my career. Ori is very knowledgeable and knows so much about SEO and online marketing, he'll give you the perfect answer to your questions. I honestly believe that helping someone who works for your competitor and giving them advice really says a lot about a person and it only shows that Ori is an exceptional business man.
Ori is a pure blood SEO professional which I had the privilege to consult on many aspects of improving our sites and overall SEO strategy. I would like to recommended him not only as a highly evaluated professional, but also as a colleague which will answer a late night phone call if your in trouble.


/Articles and Research

Oct 9
Catena Media Employer of the Year 2017 in iGamingIdol awards

Judging at the iGamingIdol event

I had the great privilege to take part in an exciting initiative within the iGaming industry. iGamingidol 2017 took place on the 26th of September 2017. This event puts focus…

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SEO Education
Apr 29

SEOIT – SEO conference done by Catena Media and Startit Serbia 6th of May 2017

I will be speaking in Serbia on the 6th of may in SEOIT the SEO conference done by Catena Media and Startit Serbia. My lecture will be about Future Proofing…

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Trustworthiness is affecting your search marketing results

Summary of this article for lazy people: Correct facts and sources within your content increase your trustworthiness therefor increasing trust rank Having only few facts does not affect trust unless…

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Jan 12


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